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Welcome to Zurich


Explore Zurich, Switzerland's little big multicultural city. Discover how a small city founded during the Roman times became today's discreet financial empire. Learn about its religious heritage, its episodes of turmoil and about the challenges and major changes Zurich is facing today.

We are local guides, who would like to show you around our beautiful city.
We are committed to providing everyone with the best tour available.
And it is for free!
We think that a good city tour is priceless. It's up to you to decide how much you enjoyed the tour. We work on a tips basis, which make it a constant motivation to give you our best, and makes it possible for anyone to enjoy it, whatever your budget.

Free Walking Tours Zurich is featured on Jontsch\'s evening show on Radio 24, the largest private radio in Switzerland!
The interview in Swiss German (part 1, part 2)

Downtown Zurich Tour (free tour)

We start at Paradeplatz (the heart of Swiss prosperity) and take you through the historical centre of Zurich, stop at Lindenhof, pass the Niederdorf , present Zurich’s cultural scene, and tell you about the legends and traditions of Zurich. You will learn how Chagall accepted to craft the windows of Fraumünster, see where Lenin lived and used to play chess, and why Charles the Great built Grossmünster.
We meet at Paradeplatz in front of the UBS.

Zurich West Tour (free tour)

We start at Helvetiaplatz, a well-known place for demonstrations on 1st May, and take you through the Langstrasse, the most multicultural place in Switzerland. We move from Zurich's red light district and party mile to the industrial zone. There we cross Josefwiese (a very famous park), show you one of the world's longest viaduct and head towards Zurich’s new fancy and modern district. After passing through Schiffbau and Technopark, home of start-ups in Zurich, we end the tour at the Prime Tower, which is currently the highest building in Switzerland.
We meet at Helvetiaplatz, in front of the statue.

Architecture tour (free tour)

We start at the front façade of Prime Tower, move along the new part of the 5th district and visit the highlights around the area, Hardbrücke SBB station, Freitag Tower, Löwenbrau Areal, Viadukt, etc. You will discover all new buildings and the contemporary architecture that is growing in the city, with specific information about the projects and fun facts the insiders know about their construction.
Learn more about young swiss architecture offices like EM2N, Gigon Guyer, E2A, Frei Saarinen, Graver Pulver, Max Duddler... and join our Free Contemporary Architecture Tour!
We meet in front of the Prime Tower, every Saturday at 15.00.

Zurich Expats Tour (free tour)

New in Zurich? Enjoy our entertaining tour with many interesting inside information about Zurich. Get acquainted with Zurich's culture and life, learn what is important when living in Zurich. Meet and chat with other expats, try some typical Swiss food and learn some basic words in Swiss German. Probably the best way to get introduced to Zurich.
We meet at Paradeplatz in front of the UBS. Please register here.

Gourmet Tour (paid tour)

How does Zurich taste? Diverse! Enjoy a unique experience in Zurich by tasting great food and learning more about the different restaurants that Zurich provides: From the typical Swiss cuisine to international dishes and unique pasteries. This tour is for everyone that is looking for a fun, filling and affordable way to experience Zurich.
Cost: CHF 35.- with registration [info@freewalkzurich.ch– 24 hours in advance, CHF 45 without
We meet at Paradeplatz, in front of the UBS.

Pub Tour (paid tour)

Work hard, party harder. Enjoy Zurich’s nightlife in Zurich’s multicultural district. We meet at Helvetiaplatz where you are getting as many welcome shots as you can drink. We then move to our first pub where we are welcomed with a shot and get reduced prices on the drinking list. Enjoy the calm atmosphere in the first pub to get acquainted and get ready for the second and more crowded pub. Finally, you’ll get a little surprise in the last pub. We can not tell you where your night will end. It might be a night you won’t remember, but for sure will never forget!
Cost: CHF 15.- with registration, 20.- without
Pub Tour - Zurich West (CHF 20): we meet at Helvetiaplatz, in front of the statue.
Pub Tour - Downtown (CHF 20): we meet at Grossmünsterplatz next to the little statue.

Wine seminar at D-Vino (paid offer)

Seminars for wine enthusiasts who want to learn more about wine.
- Introduction to the world of wines
- Do's and don'ts when serving and enjoying wine
- Tasting of different red and white wines
16th October: D-Vino winebar, Seefeldstrasse 113, 8008 Zürich
30th October: D-Vino winebar, Limmatplatz 6, 8005 Zürich
Special price for “Free Walking Tours” visitors: CHF 30.00/Person (instead of 35.00) including welcome drink, tasting wines, tapas, mineral water. Seminars start at 6pm and ends at 7.30pm.
Please sign up in advance at: info@d-vino.ch, the number of attendees is limited. And don’t forget to mention “Free Walking Tours” when signing up, to get the special price.
At D-Vino bar (Seefeldstrasse or Limmatplatz depending on the date).

Historical Tours (on demand paid tours)

Duration: 2.5h

War, Terror and Revolution Tour

The city of Zurich is known for its beautiful scenery, the winding streets of its old town and its many banks. On the other hand, only few of its inhabitants and less so temporary visitors are aware of the tumultuous history of Zurich. In the last two hundred years, Zurich has been the site of bloody battles and coup d’états and a fertile ground for revolutionaries and terrorists. The tour leads through the stations of this troubled and relatively unknown part of the history of Zurich from the times of the French Revolution until today.


Sweet Tour – too sweet to pass (on demand paid tour)

Visit and experience the famous and hidden sweet hot spots of Zurich. Learn about the old town’s history whilst enjoying its sweet tooth. We will visit top secret bakeries and get seduced by some hot chocolate and „kirschstengeli" in the heart of the old town.
Please contact us to arrange a tour
More about Sabina's tours

Business Tour (on demand paid tour)

We start at Paradeplatz (the heart of Swiss prosperity), where we provide information about the Swiss National Bank and its role during the Euro crisis plus the significance and troubles of the Swiss banking sector. We will also pass the famous Bahnhofstrasse, the Zürich railway station, where we explain how the development of the railway system contributed to the organisation of the Swiss economy, and the historical city centre of Zurich with a focus on small businesses and the ancient trade guilds (Zünfte).

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Downtown Zurich Tour (free tour): we meet at Paradeplatz in front of the UBS. Feel free to join!
Zurich West Tour (free tour): we meet at Helvetiaplatz, in front of the statue
Zurich Architecture Tour (free tour): we meet in front of the Prime Tower
Expat Tour (free tour): we meet at Paradeplatz in front of the UBS
Gourmet Tour (CHF 45): we meet at Paradeplatz, in front of the UBS
Pub Tour - Zurich West (CHF 20): we meet at Helvetiaplatz, in front of the statue
Pub Tour - Downtown (CHF 20): we meet at Grossmünsterplatz next to the little statue
Wine Seminar (CHF 30): at D-Vino bar (Seefeldstrasse or Limmatplatz depending on the date)
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